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Policy grows increasingly complex.  Available interventions stand in tension with evidence, stakeholder expectations and budget as Departments strive for solutions that serve Government policy.  Competing objectives can defy resolution. Line of sight may be mired in process.  

The challenge so often facing Departments and NGOs is to distil the essence from complexity.  Decision makers - Ministers, CEOs, Boards, funding committees - need succinct, well-reasoned analysis leading to practical options.  This requires focus and judgement.  Sometimes the more cost-effective solution lies with a single experienced policy specialist.

Peter Morris brings senior experience to the solution of complex problems in policy, and to NGOs in their representations to Government.  He specialises in cutting through complex issues and distilling propositions for decision makers.

Peter is a generalist and can extend across a wide range of sectors and issues.  He holds particular experience in Commonwealth-State health funding and health system performance, mental health, preventive health, industry sector development, and Defence industry development.​  He can assist with:

  • stakeholder consultation

  • research and analysis

  • resolution of complex policy problems

  • writing of strategies, reports, submissions and grant applications

  • implementation planning​